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Myth: The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa takes children away from their families.

Truth: The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa works first and foremost to keep families together. In more than 90% of cases in which CASO became involved, work was done within the family while the child remained at home.


Caregiver Capacity can be questioned when a caregiver demonstrates, or has demonstrated in the past, characteristics that indicate the child would be at risk of harm without intervention. These characteristics can include a history of abusing/neglecting a child, being unable to protect a child from harm, problems such as drug or alcohol use, mental-health issues, or limited caregiving skills.

Abandonment/Separation occurs when a child has been abandoned, a child’s parent has died, or a child’s parent is unavailable to exercise his or her custodial rights over a child and has not made adequate provision for a child’s care and custody. It also occurs when a child is in out-of-home placement and the parent refuses or is unable to resume the child’s care and custody.

Exposure to Domestic Violence occurs when a child is exposed directly or indirectly to physical, sexual, emotional, or psychological harm between current or former intimate partners or spouses. Exposure can include seeing and hearing violent acts, seeing related injuries, and being told about the violence.

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