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2015 Holiday Gift Program Wrap-up


Thanks to all of your help, our 2015 Holiday Gift Program was our most successful one yet!

Our community’s generous donors gave approximately 12,000 gifts to the program—not to mention $14,550 in monetary donations—helping 1,718 children have a memorable holiday season. That’s a lot of smiling faces! An additional 101 families were helped through our Family Sponsorship Program, which contributes more than just gifts, but an entire holiday package.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the help of our 13 volunteers who put in almost 800 hours sorting, labelling, wrapping and delivering gifts to all of those children and families.

The Holiday Gift Program is a great example of what our community can accomplish when we come together for a good cause, and sometimes the smiles on the faces of the people donating gifts are bigger than the smiles on the faces receiving them!