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Adoption - A Wonderful Option


Every child deserves to have a family of his or her own. Adoption is one way to bring children who need families together with families who want to parent children. Children in the care of the Children's Aid Society who are waiting to be adopted come from a variety of cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. Some are siblings, waiting for a family who can keep them together. Older children waiting to be adopted have experienced challenges in their short lives and need time, patience and help to adjust to a new home.  Others may have developmental or physical challenges and require parents willing to learn the skills to care for them.

While every child is unique, the one thing that each child has in common is the need for a family and lifelong connections.

If adoption is being considered as an option for you, please review the profiles of currently waiting children, or contact our Adoption intake line 613-742-1620 ext. 2 to learn more about the adoption process.