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Bike Safety

Summer Safety -Bike Safety


Make sure your child's bike and helmet are the right size. He or she should be able to straddle the bike with both feet on the ground; a bike that is too big or too small is a safety hazard. As a minimum, your child's first bike should be equipped with a bell and reflectors.

For young children, set the following hard and fast rules:

-       No playing on the road.

-       No riding on busy streets.

-       No riding at night.

-       Stop for all stop signs.

-       Ride on the right with traffic.

Keep in mind that the majority of bicycle injuries do not involve motor vehicles. Most are falls, collisions with stationary objects, and collisions with other bikes or pedestrians, which result from the bicyclist losing control, and most occur less than five blocks from home, in familiar surroundings.