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Break the Silence: Use Your Voice!


As the children and youth of Ontario return to school we are once again reminded of the potential of the next generation, but also of the neglect and abuse endured by some of them, and everyone’s role in preventing it.

Throughout the months of September and October the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa is bringing awareness to the cause through a number of initiatives, including media articles and outreach programs intended for schools, as we prepare for the “Break the Silence – Use Your Voice” campaign highlighted by “Dress Purple Day” on October 17th.

The core messages can be found in a press release that was issued at the beginning of September. The press release emphasized everyone’s duty to report suspected child abuse or neglect. Child abuse and neglect is an issue that requires the diligence and attention of every member in the community. The duty to report isn’t just a duty, it’s the law.

Do not hesitate, break the silence and call the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa at (613)747-7800.  You could be helping out a child in need.