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Children and Youth in Care Awareness Month


Be Strong, Be Proud

On May 14th, 2013, the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa (CASO) is celebrating Children and Youth in Care Day. New legislation was in process to set this date in statute, but delayed when the House prorogued. Nonetheless, we are taking this opportunity to raise awareness about children and youth in care and our commitment to supporting and helping them reach their full potential.

Throughout the month, we will be highlighting the strength and resilience of approximately 700 children and youth in our care. We recognize the bravery and resilience shown by these children and youth in the face of adversity. While their life paths may be different than those of their peers, many share the same hopes and dreams. Their strength is admirable.  It is for this reason we are asking you to join the children and youth in care in being Strong and Proud.

Here more about what our children and youth have to say. Follow us on twitter @OttawaCas.