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Motherisk Hair Analysis Independent Review and CASO


Motherisk Hair Analysis Independent Review and the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa

On December 17, 2015 the Government of Ontario released the report of the Honourable Justice Susan Lang on the Motherisk Drug Testing Laboratory at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children.  The report concludes that hair analysis conducted by the hospital was inadequate and unreliable for use in child protection and criminal proceedings.  Among other things, Justice Lang recommended that the Province of Ontario establish a second review to ensure that support is provided to those who may have been affected by the Laboratory’s flawed test results.   A copy of the report can be found at or

On December 22, 2015 the Ontario Government announced the appointment of the Honourable Justice Judith C. Beaman.  Justice Beaman will lead an independent commission that will provide support to people who have been affected by a Motherisk hair test.  

At the direction of the Ministry of Child and Family Services  CAS is required to notify in writing affected parents and/or counsel and/or OCL  in all open cases involving a positive MDTL hair strand test.

If you believe you may have  been impacted by testing completed by Motherisk you may wish to contact Ottawa CAS who can confirm whether or not you may have been impacted by a positive MDTL test . 

You are also encouraged to call the 24 hour toll free telephone support line established by the Ontario Government at 1- 844-303-5476 and register  with the Independent Commissioner. The telephone support line will provide you with general information, access to short-term counselling resources and other supports.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact  Jane Van Buren or Melanie Fulford at 613 747-7800.