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November is Adoption Awareness Month


The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa (CASO) wants every child and youth to live in a family that will love and nurture them always. For some children, the family they need comes to them through adoption.

November is Adoption Awareness Month, the perfect opportunity to shine a light on public adoption, the requirements of those who can adopt and the journey through the approval process.

Governor General David Johnston put it simply: “Our greatest obstacles with respect to adoption are indifference, lack of understanding and lack of education.”

We want to ensure that those who are interested in adoption, as well as community members in general, are informed about the process of public adoption and their eligibility to adopt.

With that in mind, CASO is always looking to grow and its community of prospective adoptive parents. Children and youth right here in Ottawa need their own stable, loving and encouraging environment to call home. They are looking for someone to be their permanent connection as they flourish and reach their full potential, and that someone could be you.

Children never outgrow the need for family. Contact our Adoption Intake Line at 613-742-1620 ext. 2 to receive more information!