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Same Commitment, New Identity


The Children’s Aid Foundation of Ottawa (CAFO), formerly known as Champions for Children Foundation has recently unveiled a new identity consisting of a new name, new logo, renewed messaging and a revamped website.

The new brand identity will bring clarity to the mission of the Foundation and the support it provides to the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa (CAS).

“We are very proud of the Foundation’s work and feel these changes will bring a better appreciation of the services we provide to the children in our community, as well as an understanding of the direct relationship between the Foundation and the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa”, explains Cheryl Burwash, Executive Director, Children’s Aid Foundation of Ottawa.

With the help of their many donors and partners, the Foundation looks forward to a strong future of supporting children and young adults in the community who need a helping hand. 

To learn more about the Children's Aid Foundation and their programs, visit

Click here to view the launch video.