Support Services

The Children’s Aid Society helps families through difficult situations by supporting and strengthening their relationships, so they are able to parent their children safely. With help from our community and other organizations, we’re able to offer many services and programs for families in need.

Adolescent Crisis Intervention Team

The Adolescent Crisis Intervention Team provides services to adolescents and parents who are experiencing serious difficulties that could lead to the disintegration of family ties. Child protection workers provide short-term intensive support to help improve the family situation. During these counselling sessions, a child may be temporarily removed from their home.

The Infant and Toddler Stimulation Program

This program is designed to help high-risk parents care for their children. It offers playgroups, interactive learning techniques and group discussions. A home tutor component is also offered once a week to help parents apply the newly developed skills.

The Head start Nursery Program

The Head start Nursery Program is primarily funded by the City of Ottawa. The program is designed for children who come into contact with the CAS and focuses on the social, emotional and cognitive skills required to integrate into the regular school system.

The Family Support Program

This program is a home-based, intensive service provided to the most high-risk, vulnerable children in our region. The program helps families deal with issues of poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, family violence, mental health problems, developmental challenges, and the cyclical nature of abuse. Children at significant risk of being admitted into care are referred to the Family Support Program.

Visit our community resources for additional support services.