Adoption Records

The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa (CASO) provides adoption disclosure to adult adoptees, adult children of deceased adult adoptees, birth siblings of adoptees, birth grand-parents of adoptees and adoptive parents. What this means for you, is that as per current Ontario regulations, you may be eligible to receive non-identifying information in the form of a redacted file held on record at the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa.

If you are eligible and would like to receive more information regarding non-identifying information, please contact the Adoption and Former Crown Ward Disclosure services at 613-747-7800 ext. 2241

Frequently asked Questions and Answers on Adoption Disclosure

If you were adopted or are related to someone who was adopted through this agency and you would like to have access to disclosure services please download the form below. You will need to fill section A and B of the form. If there is any information requested on the form for which you do not know, leave it blank. In addition to the form, you will need to provide two copies of photo-identification. If you are a descendant of an adult adoptee who is deceased, a copy of a death certificate will be required along with your application form.

You may email all the information back to:, fax it to the Disclosure Services department at 1-(613-)747-4456 or mail it to:

Disclosure Services
1602 Telesat Court,
Gloucester, On
K1B 1B1

Do not heistate to contact a disclosure worker if you wish to discuss the application process or go over any disclosure related-questions.

Request for Information Disclosure Form